EMDG gets $50m Boost

The government has allocated an additional $50m towards the successful Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) boost to help SME’s expand their export markets.

Other changes to the EMDG scheme announced will see the expense threshold reduced from $10,000 to $5,000 which reduces the minimum expenditure for an eligible claim from $20,000 to $15,000. The number of grants available to eligible businesses will be increased from seven to eight.

The EMDG scheme provides small businesses with a refund of 50 per cent of eligible export market expenditure.  Austrade have acknowledged Pattens expertise in the EMDG by awarding 3 staff with best practice export grant consultant status.

Clean Technology Programs Closure

AusIndustry has been sending out letters lately informing the official closure of the Clean Technology Programs. The current Australian Government has committed to abolishing the carbon tax and they expect in doing so they will lower the costs for Australian businesses and manufacturers. This will hopefully promote growth and costs.

As such, the Australian Government has decided to discontinue business compensation measures that were introduced to provide partial relief from the carbon tax. The programs that have been discontinued are Clean Technology Investment Program, Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program and Clean Technology Innovation Program.

No new applications were accepted from 22 October 2013, and the closure of these programs published on 11 November 2013.

Grant Cancellations

The new Liberal government is beginning to make announcements to the changes of the various grant schemes. Many of the different grants have been marked for cancellation as a means of “ending Labor’s waste and reckless spending”. Full details can be found at media release Our Plan to get the Budget under Control.

Schemes to be discontinued are

  • Jobs and Competitiveness Program;
  • Steel Transformation Plan;
  • Clean Technology Program;
  • Coal Sector Jobs Package;
  • Energy Efficiency Information Grants;
  • Clean Energy Skills package; and
  • Clean Technology Focus for Supply Chain programs.

Whether the schemes get discontinued immediately or if they will wait until the government has abolished the carbon tax first is yet to be released. More details expected to come over the next few days.

Keep in mind that other schemes such as Commercialisation Australia, R&D Tax Incentive and Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) seem to be unaffected at this stage and it is business as usual for us.

Clean Technology Grants

The latest update from the Minister of Innovation is as follows:

The Gillard Government is helping one of southern Queensland’s major meat manufacturers to invest in new, clean technology to improve its production efficiency and cut energy costs throughout its operations.

A $6.2 million grant from the Gillard Government’s Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program has been awarded to AJ Bush & Sons for its rendering plant in the Bromelton State Development Area.
The Minister for Industry and Innovation Greg Combet said AJ Bush & Sons would upgrade or replace inefficient coal-fired boilers with high efficiency boilers, reducing the amount of black coal required during the steam raising process.

The company would also cover its anaerobic ponds to capture the methane gas currently emitted and use this as a renewable fuel source to power a new biogas boiler for steam production.
Mr Combet said the measurers would improve energy efficiency and deliver a significant reduction in the company’s direct carbon liability at the Bromelton plant.

“This project will reduce the carbon emissions intensity of AJ Bush & Sons’ steam raising production processes by 64 per cent and cut their energy cost by 46 per cent,” Mr Combet said.
“In order to make the transition to a low pollution economy, manufacturers need to transform their operations by investing in energy efficient equipment and technology.”

The company will match the Government grant on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Funded by carbon price revenue, the Gillard Government’s $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program has provided a total of $9.3 million in support to date to 12 meat processors, renderers and manufacturers of small goods around the country. The program is open to eligible manufacturers with funding provided over six years from 2011-12.

“The Gillard Government’s Clean Technology Investment Programs provide valuable support to manufacturers looking to improve their operations and competitiveness around Australia. They are an important part of our plan for a clean energy future,” Mr Combet said.

“I encourage manufacturers who are looking to make investments in energy efficient capital equipment to take a look at the guidelines and consider applying.”
For more information, manufacturers can contact AusIndustry on 13 28 46 or visit the website www.ausindustry.gov.au

CEFC Clean Energy Grants

Oliver Yates has been appointed the head of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s (CEFC) board. The former Macquarie Group banker will be responsible for managing how $13 billion in green investments will be allocated. The scheme is to drive clean energy products and is expected to drive around $100 billion in investments in the renewables sector over the period to 2050. The main activities of this scheme include the commercialisation and deployment of clean technology.

There are other scheme that are tackling climate change including the $3.2 billion being invested in research, development and commercialisation of renewable energy sector with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. There is also $200 million in funding for the research and development of clean technologies with the Clean Technology Innovation Program. Further, there is the Renewable Energy Target that promotes the use of renewable energy through the carbon price.

For more information can be found here on climate change grants.

Pattens on Kochie’s Business Builders

Pattens Group has appeared on the most recent episode of Kochie’s Business Builders (Season 6, Episode 6). Bruce gives expert advice on how to obtain Australian grants. The episode can be viewed online at Yahoo7 Finance – Kochie’s Business Builders.