Australian Government Grants


Is Your Business Eligible?

The Australian government awards funding assistance to a wide variety of Australian businesses. From start ups to multi-million dollar exporters, every business can benefit from a cash injection. How much money you are eligible to claim depends on the size and nature of your business.

Many of the grant  schemes offered by the government are updated regularly depending on budget allowance and other economic factors. The experts at Pattens are intimately familiar with the 700+ grants currently offered and are able to quickly identify the grants to which your business would be eligible.



Climate Grants

Is your business creating green technology or involved in research for renewable resources? You may be eligible for financial assistance from the Australian government.

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Export Grants

Our government is keen to support Australian exporters. If you are involved in exporting goods, whether or not those goods are made here in Australia, you may be eligible.

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Is your business currently experimenting with a new product? Do you have an idea but not the funds to make it happen? Would a government grant help you bridge that gap?

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Australian manufacturers are essential for our economy. If your business is involved in the manufacturing of goods large or small, a government grant could help you.

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